Walk-in wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms and master rooms

Walk-in wardrobes are a great way to maximise every millimetre of bedroom space. They create a striking, contemporary well-organised room, in both design and styling. With a walk-in wardrobe you can store your bits and bobs in a way that’s accessible, well organised and also aesthetically pleasing. Walk-in wardrobes create the impact needed to add another dimension to a room. They aren’t just for storage, though this is obviously where they excel. Either way, whether you’re looking for a walk-in wardrobe for your HDB apartment or condo in Singapore, or for any other small rooms or master bedrooms, here are some cool ideas on how to best use them.

Walk in wardrobe ideas for small bedroom HDB apartments

A walk in wardrobe may seem like a luxury only afforded to bigger bedrooms, but that’s not true. They can make the biggest impact of all in smaller rooms within HDB apartments. Space and style are the main orders of the day and walk-in wardrobes combine the two in a way which is practical and efficient.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore behind bed storage

This walk in wardrobe is cunningly positioned behind the bed. This is extremely effective for a small bedroom, converting an otherwise unused area into useful storage that can be easily accessed. This actually acts as a double length headboard too, adding a unique touch to the room.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore for shoes

Suave and sophisticated, this walk in wardrobe looks rather grand with the shoes and bags showing themselves off on their shelves. It’s well ventilated and well lit, meaning your clothes will remain aired and dry.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore budget

Tucked cozily into a corner, this walk in wardrobe maximises space with style. Its beaded curtain shrouds the wardrobe nicely (handy if you’re messy!).

walk-in wardrobe Singapore with curtain

This pole-system easily converts a section of your room into a functional, smooth looking walk in wardrobe. The curtain allows you to choose whether to leave you wardrobe open and spacious or closed and private. It also means you don’t need to add a door, meaning this whole set-up is efficient and easy to set up.

Walk in wardrobe master bedroom ideas

A master bedroom typically gives you more space to work with so a walk in wardrobe can be bigger and more intricate. Master bedrooms generally have a lot of space for storage so if possible, you can really go to town on getting the perfect layout for your stuff in order to store it attractively.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore bedroom partition

Beautiful and bold, this wardrobe is complete with a vanity set-up for an all-in-one solution to cloth storage. It’s open and impressive, combining glass windows with white furnishings.

walk-in wardrobe Singaporewalk-in wardrobe Singapore with bathroom

This really is particularly luxurious – sumptuous, smooth and stylish in equally large measures! Brown and beige combine to provide a calming luxury whilst compartmental storage provides the space for your stuff.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore women

Another luxurious space, this is also calm and not too indulgent, providing a classy balance which optimises space.

Clever HDB wardrobe design ideas for Singapore condos

Whether you have a big or small bedroom, you’ll want your walk in wardrobe to be cleverly designed to make best use of your space. Clever designs are obviously popular in modern design – a more product more effectively designed to be ergonomic stands out both aesthetically and practically.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore with shelving

This open concept walk in is dramatic and impactful, cramming tons of space-saving shelving into a wonderfully contemporary looking space.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore beind bed

This walk in wardrobe has been separated well from the bedroom with glass windows and doors. The styling here is eye-catching, beams combined with natural wood add an elegance that keeps the space cohesive.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore divided room

This open partition is perfectly sized for an HDB apartment but still has ample space for you to get dressed in. It’s well ventilated and sizeable, saving you space whilst adding a great stylistic space to your room.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore with mirrors

Walk in wardrobes aren’t just convenient, they help us show off our best bits and bobs, right? In this case, designer bags are positioned nicely behind a glass door. Easy to grab in the morning when rushing out to work too!

walk-in wardrobe Singapore master bedroom

There’s always a bigger fish…This room’s indisputable wow factor is intensified by its longer walk in wardrobe which has an island dresser for accessories. The extra space in this is room is wonderfully occupied with its full length glass door and partition.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore narrow bedroom

This room is bright and bold and the wardrobe matches. It has been inspired by school lockers, taking advantage of the space with floor to ceiling storage and awesome energetic designs.

walk-in wardrobe Singapore male bachelor pad

This walk in wardrobe is a focal point in the home. You have to walk through it to get to a concealed master bedroom. So it’s more of a walk through wardrobe, but still, isn’t it amazing? It has an awesome lighting feature with wooden boards and exterior plumbing pipes for a raw, untamed looks. It’s decorative and fully-featured, really bringing something extra to any space.

Walk in wardrobes BTO for HDB living

Often, built in wardrobes are made to unique specifications and this allows you to really harness your inner designer. Not only do they allow you to select a design that is continuous with the rest of your room but also allow you to really make every millimeter count with the assistance of a professional designer.

  1. Leave the door out – Master bedrooms with considerable size can easily be utilised for custom walk in wardrobes. This room has an amazing openness brought about by synchronous design with the bedroom itself.
  2. Corner space – Corners are nicely converted into walk in wardrobes and with a small partition you can house a wardrobe, mirror and a small dressing table – nice and snug!
  3. The Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe For The Men(or Women) – This project’s awesome usage of steel bars and glass creates a spacious dynamic that is custom installed into its suave room.
  4. Go See-through – Glass creates space. A walk in wardrobe with a glass partition makes it look like your 2 rooms blend into one whilst retaining the partitioned, seperate feel.
  5. Mini Walk-in Wardrobes Are Still Walkable – Two wardrobes facing the same direction can create an effective walk in wardrobe for a small space if done correctly by pro designers. This one is integrated perfectly into its area of the room with a mirror, spotlight and carpet runway cementing it as a compact, space saving walk in with style.
  6. Make Way For Hallways – A long, thin walk in wardrobe allows you to strut up and down like you own the place. It’s elegant and fun and doesn’t take up much room.

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