Space Saving Furniture Tricks for HDB Living

Space saving furniture has two massive benefits. Firstly, many of these pieces look extremely cool in their own right. They’re modern, innovative and have great creative design. Secondly, they save space! We all know how tight space can be in HDB apartments and smaller dwellings in Singapore. Maximising space is always a priority!

Why choose space saving furniture?

Space saving furniture solves a variety of issues. Tables convert from dining room style to small, trendy coffee tables so we can use the same spaces for dining and living. Fold-out tables use wasted wall space, and creative pulley systems allow you to raise and lower items to a high ceiling, which is otherwise empty. You even get funky bunk beds that fold into sofas and large bed-entertainment units which house TVS and bookcases in your bed! Big or small, tall or wide, there’s an option out there for you that can greatly enhance your space and add a unique, visually striking flare.

Whether you need to store more of your own items or provide flexible options for extra activities and guests, these fantastic space saving furniture designs have it all covered. They provide answers that are stylish, modern but most importantly, practical. Singaporean living is modern and compact, and there are stylish, creative ways to make use of the available space and resources.

This large piece combines a queen sized bed with bookcases and a TV unit. You can even walk into the unit, tripling it up as a walk-in wardrobe, interchangeable with an extra bedroom or even a mini-bar! It’s large, impactful and truly contemporary. Fitting into any modern apartment, it’s particularly suited to apartments with high ceilings.

Furniture that doesn’t need to be fixed to walls or ceilings is great for rented property. Ikeas’ 2014 series contains many innovative pieces like this easel-like shelf that can be taken down and stored in a flash.

A wonderfully unique piece of furniture and design, this Scheema built staircase is made from cupboards which stack to form a stable and impressive modular storage system. Forming a striking centrepiece as well as providing a full staircase, this ticks many boxes for space saving and provides a lot of storage.

Making use of the ceiling is a tremendously important part of compact storage design. This space saving furniture piece uses an impressive pulley system to hoist items to above head height when they’re not in use.

This mirror is simple and effective. The freestanding design means it doesn’t have to be fixed to a wall and its sturdy frame makes a great rail to hang clothes.

The comfort of a full-size lounge chair comes at a compromise of space. This compactly designed chair puts that luxury into a space saving furniture package for apartment and HDB living.

This is the sort of space saving design that really draws attention. At first, it looks like a stack of white boxes for simple storage, but the coloured inserts are actually slide-out chairs. Even complete with a table, this can quickly add storage and seating to any home.

This is a proper piece of design innovation. It’s a stunning contemporary dual purpose bunk bed and sofa system. You really wouldn’t know it looking at the sofa alone, but it well and truly transforms into a fully stable, great looking bunk. Two seats, two beds in a small size.

Simple and elegant, this table is an unassuming but tasteful piece of furniture in its own right. Slide out the chairs and you’ve instantly got yourself a cute dining set. It’ll fit snugly into a living room or even a bedroom.

Walls are often left unoccupied. This uses them in a fantastically creative way to add a table to any room. Easily folded out, it looks stylish and unassuming when folded up too.

This is something you really need a great designer to think up! Very originally designed, these window blinds fold down to reveal their usage as a clothes rack. Drying clothes can be a big issue in itself – the fact the sun will shine straight through the glass and dry them adds a seriously useful quirk to this fantastic piece of space saving design.

This style of foldable wall bed and sofa has existed for a while but has well and truly been refined into a modern piece that is at home in any modern HDB apartment.

Some may look at this and think, how can that hold my weight? But it can, whilst holding any manner of items in its hollow base. Sacrificing nothing in terms of strength and style, you can pack many items into its hull.

Style stacked into small spaces, that’s the aim of the game and this piece ticks all the boxes. It’s a weatherproof, full 4-seater and table set that looks great when not in use.

Another stylish fold out option, this table combines a stunning black picture frame with built in lighting with a fold out table for a space saving option that remains contemporary and minimalist in style.

Very cool! This slide-out chair system combines 4 chairs into 1 individual piece. Beautifully designed in lovely wood with a great grain, they’ll suit any apartment space effortlessly.

Family life in small spaces is becoming more common in our modern world, and this piece stylishly combines two of life’s little necessities. You can change your baby whilst doubling it up as a cool storage space for a bathroom.

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