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7800$ Budget

279$ Design fee

This huge living room had to be furnished from scratch. The request was to create a contemporary interior and to keep the feeling of space.

We love the cosy atmosphere and the fact that it stayed pure. We really feel good in this room, where we now spend most of our time.

2500$ Budget

279$ Design fee

An old shophouse in the heart of Singapore needed some fresh ideas to make it live again. And to be honest, it worked pretty well!

We had no idea how to make our living room look nice. It is much better than what we hoped and for a very reasonable budget, no renovation needed!

3700$ Budget

549$ Design fee

A young couple recently moved in together and wanted some bright and fresh feel for their first apartment.

It is exactly what we had in mind. Something fresh and clean ! Our friends could not believe it.

5000$ Budget

549$ Design fee

Trendy, cosy and elegant were the keywords for this businessman apartment.

I just moved from abroad and did not have time to take care of furnishing my place. The project looks perfect and the fact that the shopping has been done for me is even better!

2500$ Budget

549$ Design fee

And old colonial style house needed some rustic feel to contrast with the architecture. It seems like the perfect combination.

We have been living with the same furniture for years now and wanted something different. We could not have imagined that it would look so good. We are extremely happy with the result.

3000$ Budget

549$ Design fee

This is the kind of place that we would love to get invited to for dinner… or for watching a movie… or for drinking a lemonade on the balcony… Ok we are jealous!

My husband is traveling a lot and I definitely don’t have any taste in decoration. Our designer just made it perfect for us and we saved so much time.

4000$ Budget

549$ Design fee

What a nice little cosy nest for young parents who are going to spend time home with their new family member.

Above all, we wanted a space to feel good with our baby. We will be passing a lot of time home from now one and we wanted a calming and relaxing interior. Now this is absolutely perfect to spend time together.

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