21 Latest Modern Wardrobe Designs for the Bedroom

Deciding on a wardrobe is a challenge of both dimension and style. They’re absolute essentials for stowing clothes away into safety from dust, insects and the prying eyes of others who may not appreciate your mess! Some modern wardrobe designs are small and compact while other designs are big and open – it just depends on the size of your bedroom, the amount of clothes you have and the size of your wallet!

Here are some quick tips to get you launched on selecting the best wardrobe design for your bedroom.

#1 Measure your room comprehensively

Check, double check and triple check your bedroom’s dimensions. It’s amazing how easily errors can occur and if you under measure then it could be catastrophic.

#2 Decide on what components you want your wardrobe to have.

Wardrobes come in various shapes and sizes and many have distinct styles. Decide whether you need lots of shelves, racks and compartments or whether you need sliding doors or normal opening doors.

#3 Decide on your doors and shutters.

Open wardrobes can look brilliant but then you have to take dust in mind – this isn’t an issue for some rooms or apartments but dustier houses render open wardrobes a bit useless for keeping your clothes in good nick. In terms of doors, sliders are best utilised when you have ample space either side of your wardrobe and normal opening doors are best if you have space in front of the wardrobe.

#4 Decide on lighting.

Having adequate lights for your wardrobe is very important! The inside will be cast into shadow when you stand by your wardrobes entrance and not being able to see your stuff could get very frustrating.

Modern Wardrobe Designs for the Bedroom

Wardrobes come in two broad styles. The first are standalone wardrobes which are available in flat packed forms which you can construct yourself. These can be moved relatively easily, they’re mostly inexpensive, convenient and there’s a massive choice of them out there. An offshoot of this is the wall-mounted wardrobe which are more integrated into your room whilst remaining removable. Armoires, based on a French design, are a type of rustic and vintage free-standing wardrobes which are essentially natural wooden closets.

The second broad types are closet or walk-in wardrobes. Suitable for larger bedrooms, these grand options for space-saving and storage are visually striking, displaying clothes and accessories in all their glory. Here, we’ve listed the latest modern wardrobe designs for your bedroom.

The Free Standing Wardrobe

Free standing wardrobe designs are simple, effective and flexible. There’s tons of modern wardrobe designs to choose from so finding one which suits your bedroom’s style shouldn’t be a problem.

The Free Standing Wardrobe

A perfect reflection of this bedroom’s natural wooden style, this wardrobe sits calmly in the space despite its massive size. Without imposing on the room, this wardrobe echoes its style whilst providing tons of space for clothes storage.

The Free Standing Wardrobe

This free-standing wardrobe is rather elegant with its built-in lighting which illuminates it for both style and convenience. Tall, wide and smooth on the outside, this wardrobe provides a considerable amount of space in an all-in-one solution.

The Free Standing Wardrobe

Bright white and sleek, this wardrobe sits beautifully in this space, providing a visually appealing wardrobe solution to a modern and stylish room. Even though it’s large, its profile doesn’t impose on the space, instead contributing its own shape to this calm room.

The Free Standing Wardrobe

Another sleekly designed free-standing wardrobe, this one sits elegantly in the space with its tall but slim form. Matching its room’s colours with its subtle texture, it just adds to the room’s modern but soft design choices.

Armoire Wardrobes with Mirror

Vintage yet modern, this wardrobe is visually striking with a reflective front and textured wooden design. Perfect to be used as a mirror too!

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are both stylish and practical. Often, it depends where you can open your doors as to whether you choose sliding or opening doors. Opening doors are suitable if you have no space either side of your wardrobe for sliding doors and sliding doors are suitable if you can’t open your doors up fully outwards.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors white

This sliding door wardrobe design looks incredibly smooth and elegant. It makes use of a geometric form which adds an instantly elegant essence to a smoothly and sleekly designed room.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors reflective

This mirror-effect sliding door wardrobe is spectacular when placed near a window. Allowing natural light to really swell up the room, it provides both a wardrobe, mirror and interesting stylistic piece to the bedroom.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Diagonal

This sliding door wardrobe is conveniently located inside its alcove making best use of the space at hand.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Wood

This large free-standing wardrobe mirrors the colour and texture of the room. Its excellent natural colouring and textured two-tone design meet with the ceiling and floor.

The Wall Mounted Wardrobe

Wall mounted wardrobes aren’t all that different to free-standing ones but they’ll occupy an entire wall-space and are often built to the exact dimensions of a wall, meaning they squeeze every inch of space out of their allocated positions.

The Wall Mounted Wardrobe Wooden Doors

This wooden wall-mounted wardrobe design is a prime example of how wardrobes need-not take up any useful space in a bedroom. It snugly squeezes into this compartment, filling it with useful storage.

The Wall Mounted Wardrobe Dark Wooden

Elegant, luxurious and discreet, this wood textured wall-mounted wardrobe meets the design criteria of the room really well.

The Wall Mounted Wardrobe Rustic Wooden

Wall-mounted wardrobes can be located behind beds as well as on their adjoining walls. This saves more space by filling up the unused walls of a bedroom.

The Wall Mounted Wardrobe White

White wall-mounted wardrobes in white rooms are nearly invisible. Positioned next to a desk, this large wardrobe design in a compact apartment room is unimposing and sleek.

Walk In Modern Wardrobe Designs

Walk-in wardrobes are the undisputed kings and queens of modern wardrobe designs and allows you to display your clothes like it’s your kingdom. They’re often thought to be only large, require a lot space and intricate to design. However, with clever space manipulation, walk in wardrobes can be fitted in any bedroom space.

Walk In Wardrobe Design Monochrome

This walk-in wardrobe is undoubtedly modern, sleek and attractive. It has a clothes island, tons of shelving, compartments and racks and it’s all wrapped up with a large mirror and plenty of lighting.

Walk In Wardrobe Design Simple Wooden

This wooden walk-in wardrobe has a vintage finish, making it look delightfully natural in order to mirror the vintage looking room.

Walk In Wardrobe Design Sophisticated Wooden

This large, expansive and luxurious walk-in wardrobe is grand and attractive in style, with rich wooden tones and stylishly lit shoe-racks.

Walk In Wardrobe Design Minimalist

This walk-in wardrobe is a bit more sparse and minimal than others and to good effect – it adds to its modern and minimal room in a modest yet effective manner.

Walk In Wardrobe Design Hidden

This behind bed walk-in wardrobe makes quirky use of available space. It’s discreet and interesting whilst displaying clothes effectively.

Armoire Wardrobes

Armoires are essentially vintage free-standing wardrobes. They are more akin to smaller closets, though, and are suitable to period-styled rooms or vintage properties and apartments. Often with designs that are possibly more common for Victorian themed bedrooms, there are armoire modern wardrobe designs to consider.

Armoire Wardrobes Wooden

This is a fairly typical armoire built from wood. It’s natural, vintage and modest – it doesn’t impose on a room, instead adding enclosed storage organically to a space.

Armoire Wardrobes White

Meeting this room’s classic white Parisian design, this armoire is simple and effective, in keeping with the room’s furniture.

Armoire Wardrobes Modern

This incredibly modern wardrobe takes things a step further with a built in TV. It’s built to a space-age style, perfectly suited to this extremely open and sleekly designed modern room.

Not only will a wardrobe with the perfect fit add practicality and storage purposes, the right design will definitely add an extra edge to your bedroom. So tell us which one’s your favourite design!

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