iDoo#9 / Why do children need a great bedroom?

Why ?

Children’s bedrooms are their castles. They play in it, sleep in it, make dreams in it, and grow in it. We know how important is the environment on the children personal development, and since they spend most of their time in their room, every parent should really try to create a special place allowing them to become balanced teenagers, then awesome adults.

If you can afford to give every one of your children their own bedroom, they will gain quite a few benefits from it. It might sound overstated, but a child that has his or her own bedroom will be better able to handle responsibility, and will mature faster than one that doesn’t, for various reasons.

Staying reasonable, children with their own bedroom can choose what they wants inside of it. They can control their environment and it gives them a higher sense of self-esteem which is important during their formative years.

                Another reason why you should give importance to their room is the fact that you can orientate their behavior. By putting some storage in their space, you’ll encourage them to clean up the place, and if you manage to learn them the lesson at a young age, it could save you a lot of dispute in the future.

You can also help develop their creativity by different means. This point is crucial. A creative child will be much more likely to succeed during its studies, whatever the field is. Studies have shown that no matter what you do, creativity is one of the most important factor helping solve problems.

The colors and furnishings you choose are also very significant. You can help them sleep, relax, and feel good when they’re home. Most importantly, it allows them to think. You might not remember it, but children think and dream about everything, all the time. This is the period when they start thinking about their lives, what they want to become, where they want to live, etc… By making them a great room, you really participate to their evolution.

You need to keep in mind that a good environment leads to a fruitful development.

How ?

Get inspired on our Kids board.

Let them be creative



Create a relaxing nest


Help them be organized



Make them dream



Get a designer to create the perfect bedroom for your kid !


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