iDoo#3 / Why should you use some Art? How to do it?

Why ?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a trend while looking through images online to gather inspiration and find your personal style… You see that most professional designers plan artwork into their spaces. Adorning walls and shelves with art is important because it offers something furniture, paint and crown molding alone, struggle to provide – personality. Without a doubt, a statement sofa can exude character, but the difference is in the possibilities.

Depending on your choice, an art piece can also give your room a feeling of uniqueness. If you’re trying to get a very personal interior; it allows you to make sur that no one else has done the same thing. You can find the same sofa, the same chairs and the same rugs in your friends’ houses, but you’re almost sure that no one will have the exact same combination of furniture / artwork. It will help personalize your space.

Another important point is the simple fact that it allows you to decorate your walls. How many time have you seen nice apartments with empty walls? You could call it “the cherry on the cake “, without it, something is missing.

It also creates a center of interest. With artwork, you have the choice of creating a focal point when the room calls for it, but artwork can also be used to tie spaces together from multiple interest points. Everything around it becomes a frame and it adds value to furniture. For example, the best way to highlight a nice sofa, is to hang something above it; and you’ll never pay more attention to a side table, than when it serves as a support for a sculpture.

One last thing is that it provides a color palette that you can use for the rest of the room.


So here is what to remember:

> Art provides personality.

> Art allows to create unique combinations.

> Art makes the room appear finished.

> Art can highlight other items.

> Art Provides a color palette.


Art is sometimes an overlooked element, but often it provides the finishing detail needed to make a space truly harmonious


Unlike paint or wallpaper, art is easily moved and changed, so luckily you can experiment without too much hassle. One option is to use colors from artwork you like to create a palette for the space you’re working on. Pick two or three shades from a piece you like and designate one as the dominant color. This color can be used as your main paint color. The other shades will be great for door and window trims, pillows, shelving or accent elements like chairs.

Art is all about personal preference, so tailor it to each room accordingly. As you are embellishing rooms with artwork, remember the golden measurement: 57 inches. The center of a lone painting or photo should be 57” above the floor. Another way artwork can benefit a space is by providing texture, which provides interest. Add diversity with a different medium, like an oil painting complementing a leather sofa or a sculpture alongside a wooden dining set.











On the Floor




Could be a sculpture, or a pendant light; some of them look amazing. If you find an item playing both roles at the same time, nicely done!



Convinced ? Pick a designer and let him know what you want !



Our “arty” selection: (click on logos to see it)





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