iDoo#2 / Why should you use plants at home? How to do it?

Why ?

Just about everyone knows that plants are great for producing oxygen and contributing to a zen feeling in any environment. But did you know that they can clinically reduce stress, fight colds, remove contaminants, and even stop headaches? Here is what you should know:

A lot of research has gone into the benefits of plants and human health. Studies have mixed results about the benefits, ranging from increased productivity in the workplace to only benefits for men or women. But none of these studies have found evidence of negative outcomes to having indoor plants.


Providing cleaner air

In many cases, it’s recommend to have one potted plant per 100 square feet to feel the benefits. Or you can get plants tailored to your needs, like removing formaldehyde from the air.


Boosting your mood.

Staring at plants or flowers can make people feel more relaxed and optimistic. It also makes people closer to nature, and help them escape all the daily stress.  According to Texas Agriculture & Medicine University, people who spend their time caring for nature are more likely to care for others. Caring for plants can help you increase compassion and improve your relationships. Touching soft and smooth plants may also make you feel calmer, according to the book Holistic Solutions for Anxiety & Depression.


Lowering your risk for illnesses.

Dry air and dust can irritate your senses. It’s possible that plants filter airborne microbes that can infect or irritate your airways. A study at Washington State University found that 20 percent of dust was reduced with plants.


Enhancing concentration and memory.

Keeping plants indoors may also be a natural life hack. After all, we can only stare at a spreadsheet for so long before productivity decreases. Having a piece of Mother Nature to look at at our desk could regenerate our attention and keep our senses and brain going.


So now that you know why you should use plants in your home, let’s see how to use them?

How ?

There is a lot of different plants and many ways to use them. Here are some inspirational images for your home. Feel free to put plants in every room, every corner, everywhere.
















All right, are you convinced?

Our “greeny” selection: (click on logos to see it)





Illustrations :


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