iDoo#1 / Why should you take care of your interior? How to do it?


This is the first point I would like to talk about for a few reasons. Firstly, I think that if you’re reading this article, you care about your home, and I want to tell you why you’re absolutely right. Secondly, this is a good starting point for every articles that will come later. We are starting with something general, and we’ll talk about one precise detail every week.

So yes, why does it matter? Well, this is very simple. Your home is the place you get back to every day after work. You probably spend most of your evenings, mornings and weekends there. We could say that it is the place where you reload your battery, where you spend quality time with your family and where you take time to think about your life. Starting from there, it easy to see the huge importance of feeling good at home. You need to take care of your interior because everything is related to it.

Imagine that you just had a great night, because you feel comfortable in your bedroom, then you took your breakfast in your nicely designed kitchen, you watered your plants in the living room and took 10 minutes to read the newspaper in your favorite armchair… It looks like you’re starting your day in a pretty good way; but the thing is, it’s not even coming from you. Start the day in a nice environment and you’ll automatically be in a better mood. If you’re happy to come home every night because you know that you’ll feel good, get to relax and spend a good evening; you’re finishing the day in a good way too. It allows you to forget your daily problems, your job, enjoy your family, and spend time in a peaceful state of mind.

Some of you probably had this experience of living in a bad place, and I’m sure that you remember how unpleasant it is, to go home everyday. It is mainly unconscious but you can see the influence it has on your daily life. There is a real impact on how you feel, your peace of mind, your mood and your thoughts. It won’t make you earn more money, it won’t make you find love (well maybe), it won’t make your boss a nice guy, but it will make your mornings, your evenings and your week ends real quality time. If you start and end your days on a positive note, it might help you overcome some problems, it could make a real difference every single day, and we like to think that it’s a start toward a better life.



What about starting with cleaning up your place



Add some green



Use some artworks



Create a cosy atmosphere (pillows, rugs, candles…)



And personalize it !



Need some help with that?


Our selection:

For the artwork:

For the green:

Get cozy:


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