HDB Kitchen Design: 20 Unique Ideas

HDB and condominium living has inspired all manner of sleek kitchen designs which not only maximize space, but create truly dynamic spaces from their compact rooms. We can transform these areas into personalised, efficient spaces which have big characters brimming within their small dimensions. With modular designs and multi-purpose units, we can fit in the appliances and storage needed to give our kitchen the same practical uses as a much larger one. Combined with great lighting, fittings, and some quirky design ideas, a small kitchen can burst with flavour whilst being both practical and useful. We’ve collected 20 unique HDB kitchen design ideas for flats and condos in Singapore to help inspire and impress you.

HDB Kitchen Design Idea Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Home and Decor

Above-head units make use of vertical space and their glass shelves can help reflect light. Consider using colourful chalk paint on walls so you can chalk-up recipes, notes and lists straight onto the wall for a bit of modern freedom.

Space Saving HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: The Orange Cube

Pull-out tables combined with white walls maximize space. Being able to dim the lights in your kitchen can give it an instant warm mood at night-time, and subtle accents can keep it lively but muted and minimal. Mmm, convenience!

Industrial HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Pinterest

This industrial style HDB kitchen design brings textures of brick and metal which both chic, stylish and modern. They combine to really give your kitchen a refined but relaxed feel that is both tactile and smooth. Reduce overcrowding with efficient storage and let natural surfaces shine.

Modern HDB Kitchen Design with Black Surfaces

Image Source: The Scientist

Black surfaces and stone fronted units have an amazing synergy that is hard-wearing, hygienic and stylish. It’s easy to wipe everything down and the symmetry of black accenting really helps a small gangway style kitchen breathe. Steel appliances stand out and give this kitchen a modern, robust feel.

HDB Kitchen Design with Vintage Tiles

Image Source: M3 Studio

Tiles are a great way of adding character to your walls with patterns. The vintage kitchen tiling style brings a classic feel to this HDB flat. Natural beige and ivory tones tie into wooden units and worktops, creating a natural cottage-like feel that gives your compact space a touch of stylish rural chic. They complement modern and traditional designs, and can be used in monochrome rooms as well as colourful ones.

Scandinavian HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: M3 Studio

Angular design really transforms this Scandinavian style kitchen away from its linearity. Metal fittings tie into steel appliances and create an efficient, durable space that is functional, modern, and stylish.

Innovative Storage Solution in a HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: The Scientist

Layers of storage create a 3D feel which gives a kitchen’s small dimensions dynamics and efficient storage. Tall units draw the eye up to the ceiling and overhangs make practical, enclosed spaces that can be cleverly lit to create a great atmosphere. Pastel colour softens up an otherwise modern HDB kitchen, giving it a classic quality that is warm but sleek.

Galley Layout HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: The Scientist

This galley kitchen uses cozy and functional overhanging units to create compact spaces for storage that also efficiently divide your wash basin and cooker. Flat faced units made with smooth modern materials like marble give your room a uniform, up-town feel. Marble is beautiful, faux-stone plastic fascias offer a lighter-weight, slimmer line option to recreate its patterns.

Contemporary Traditional HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Quanvast

This contemporary traditional HDB kitchen design uses warm lighting and wooden cupboards, surfaces and accents. It creates a homely tone at night which is calm and relaxing. It’s whimsical but streamlined – a modern classic fusion.

Ultra Modern White HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: DB Studio

White and black combine effortlessly in the kitchen and the simplicity of monochrome for worktops and units will always make your room feel modern. It’s eye-catching but symmetrical and edgy, perfect for modern living. The uniformity leaves no ends untied, just pure elegance!

Modern HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Home and Decor

Beige tones bring about a warm, relaxing feeling to a kitchen that cements its position at the heart of the home. Warm styled kitchens with wooden units and gentle light are cozy, calm and welcoming.

Traditional Vintage HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Women’s Weekly

Don’t be afraid to go bold and vintage if that’s what you’re into. Subway tiles and vintage taps and appliances have great character and transform your kitchen into a more traditional, charming space if pure modern minimalism doesn’t float your boat.

Modern Luxury HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Fuse Concept

Black tiles have a certain sleek luxury to them. They reflect light but remain dark and modern looking. The strength they give to modern steel kitchen appliances creates a bold, confident space which accentuates sharp angles and modern geometric lines for a robust feel.

Modern HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Solar Earte

This kitchen brings subtle vintage elements to an otherwise modern apartment through subway tiles and patterned flooring. Lights with adjustable heights and brightness allow you to quickly change the mood of a room; pull them down and dim them to create a soft mood for night-time or have them close to the ceiling for brightness whilst cooking.

HDB Kitchen Design with Subway Tiles

Image Source: 99 Co

Grey, white and black are the sleek trio which give a kitchen a high-tech feel. Metal is hard-wearing, easy to clean and hygienic, and contributes to this modern palette to create an efficient, durable space.

Modern HDB Kitchen Design with Vintage Tiling

Image Source: Women’s Weekly

For a more dressed down and natural feel, tiles combine with orange lighting to warm a room up and give it a vintage quirk. Patterns add visual interest and glow with character under warm lighting.

HDB Kitchen Design with Gold Elements

Image Source: M Property

White and gold are both spacious and classy colours for a kitchen. White walls and units maximize the use of light whilst gold accents add a special and personal touch that keeps things lively.

Geometric Ultra Modern HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Yahoo Style

Geometric patterns are timeless, helping break up the dimensions of the room whilst adding visual interest. They’re sleek and modern and combine with modern styled kitchens to evoke that high-tech, uniform feeling.

Small, Chic HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Style Caster

Smaller kitchens just mean you can make them sweeter! Cute fittings and classic design can give character to the most compact spaces and Parisian chic comes in the form of white wooden units and shelving with quirky items.

Small and Simple HDB Kitchen Design

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Simplicity is sometimes just the ticket. This HDB kitchen design shows you don’t need to go full-on modern chic, or madly vintage to have a beautiful kitchen. White, open spaces are expansive, practical and relaxing.

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