15+ Stunning HDB Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms are a tremendously important part of any home and HDB flats and apartments are no exception to this despite their smaller sizes. A small space can be the host of big ideas and the bathroom is a great place to get creative with design ideas that can transform it into a practical room with great features and style in abundance. HDB bathroom design ideas have evolved massively, using quirky features to give them a visual impact which is as refreshing and modern as you like. If that’s not your thing then traditional design ideas include brass fittings or bold patterns to create a space that contains a lot of detail and originality despite small sizes.

HDB Bathroom Design Ideas

Material Clash

HDB bathroom design
Source: House Beautiful

Clashing materials are visually striking. In the bathroom they’re great at creating a stylish dynamic between surfaces. Bathroom surfaces are smooth and shiny and that really helps you select patterns and designs that complement each other, like the chequered floor combined with brickwork tiles in the bathroom above.

Resort style HDB bathroom design

HDB bathroom design
Source: HGTV

A bathroom needs to be a tranquil space and resort style bathrooms create spaces with a relaxed feeling which is bright and open. White basins, towels and mats combine to give your bathroom a holiday-like style which is effortlessly stylish.

Bright and light

HDB bathroom design
Source: Four Generations One Roof

Bright, light and colourful, this bathroom takes refreshing blues and adds them to traditionally white basins and toilets to create a fresh space perfect for HDB living. Colourful towels and wicker accessories add to the breezy style that makes a simple and easy bathroom design.

Fun pop of colour

HDB bathroom design
Source: Fresh Home

The geometric patterns that draw the eye in this room create a modern focus that is fresh and dynamic. Bright colours complement bright, whited-out rooms, evoking a modern, chic style.

Industrial theme

HDB bathroom design
Source: Digs Digs

Bold and angular edges punctuate this room’s industrial theme. The dark metal frames contrast with the smooth brick styled walls to create a bright, yet defined room. Gold finishings add a touch of class and the wooden ceiling ties up the fresh and organic look.

Contemporary bathroom design

HDB bathroom design
Source: House Beautiful

Geometric patterns are at home in the bathroom; they give an illusion of space, create a unique visual style and complement linear and angular spaces. Stainless steel fittings are light reflective and defined, adding a contemporary edge.

Garden vibes

HDB bathroom design
Source: Home and Decor

This room has an excellent pastel tone which echoes nature. Bathrooms really suit a natural, garden vibe, and plants combined with wood and soft colours can help you achieve this.

Parisian chic bathroom

HDB bathroom design
Source: Maison Depax

Parisians are famed for their ability to design rooms with a spectacular sense of space and ample freshness. This bathroom is incredibly bright but also defined and classy. Marble is a lovely material and looks great on bathroom surfaces. Steel fittings reflect the cool but bright style.

Open concept bathroom

HDB bathroom design
Source: The Smart Local

Having an open plan HDB apartment calls for a bit of radical design ingenuity to really accentuate an open free flowing floor plan. Open bathrooms with glass panes dividing them from the bedroom are very modern and the contemporary look can be accented further with soft colours to divide spaces visually.  

Space shower

HDB bathroom design
Source: Home Center

The shower in this bathroom really is amazing and doesn’t only provide an incredible shower, also stamping its bold, futuristic mark on the room.  

Minimal white bathroom

HDB bathroom design
Source: Arramais

Minimalism is modernism – this bathroom makes great use of white walls and white brick construction to give it a minimal and open feel that adds to any HDB apartment. Subtle accents can bring the room to life, the chequered floor here adds just enough to keep the room from feeling bland in any way.

Brass details

HDB bathroom design
Source: Hy Hightec

Brass is a visually striking metal that can be used well in a small bathroom space. It’s warm and classy, creating a modern yet classic edge that gives your bathroom a bit of fresh originality.

Cool grey tones

HDB bathroom design
Source: Bathroomist

Stone is a timeless material for bathrooms. It’s hard-wearing, impermeable and looks great. The strong visual appeal of stone ties in with its essence of nature. In this room wood it’s used to increase the organic visual style along with wood, which makes a great HDB bathroom space.

Keeping it concrete

HDB bathroom design
Source: The Spruce

Bold and brimming with attitude, this bathroom makes great use of stone textures to give it a strong visual identity that is also refreshing and natural. Beige rock has an excellent, soft tone which goes so well with brass and gold bathroom fittings.

Mosaic tiles

HDB bathroom design
Source: Sarasotajudo

Mosaics are a great design option for a small bathroom. They add a visual character which evokes a sense of the coast and the sea and in this room, combined a porthole-like window and cool blues, that fresh coastal essence really comes breezing through.

No walls

HDB bathroom design
Source: Qanvast

No walls? No problem! In fact, you can use this to your advantage to create a modern dynamic which makes use of glass dividers to give you more space. The funky pipework here looks cool and modern whilst subtle colours gives the room an overall visual warmth.

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