Full Costs of Interior Design in Singapore

The cost of interior design and interior designers in Singapore has varied greatly throughout the years but the general trend is that it’s coming down. More often, we’re seeing great interior design work at cheaper prices, though it is still true that you do, by and large, get what you pay for.

How much does HDB interior design cost in Singapore?

The size of your home affects interior designer costs

interior design costs singapore apartment

The first and perhaps the most obvious variable factor in determining how much an interior design project will cost is size. More materials are required for bigger houses as well as more planning, more accessories, more of everything pretty much! It’s plain and simple and also applies to how many rooms you have to do as well as how big they are.

Renovation costs for new and old, small apartments compared to 5 room hdbs

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Newer properties are often more easily renovated. Their blank slates are better warped into shape by an interior designer and the price reflects this.

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Older houses usually require modification or extra work prior to actual design and renovation. 4 bedroom flats may cost $11,000 to $15,000 to renovate but older properties of the same size may be $5,000 more. In addition to this, the region does matter – more central regions in Singapore are more pricey on the whole but then the chances are that your house will be more compact.

What are the basic interior design fees in Singapore?

The basic fees depend on many factors, the scale of the project and size of the apartment is the biggest determinate factor. This is a basic way to size up your project – ask yourself: how many rooms and how intensely renovated you want them to be.

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Second to that, materials play a huge part. More expensive materials will push up your design fees considerably. Large scale materials that cover walls, ceilings or floors will be the priciest additions. Higher quality fixtures will cost more and luxury additions will often cost a fair amount for small pieces. Do your homework on these pricey items before making any decisions.

Finally, the contractors valuation is pivotal to determining an exact and fair price for your renovation works. Shady contractors with imprecise bids may affect your entire renovation fee so consider carefully.

The other hidden costs: How much does it really cost to renovate an HDB flat?

interior design costs singapore hdb apartment

So we might read or hear of some amazingly low fees for renovation projects for HDB flats and that may get us excited but the truth is, it will cost more for good work. There are a lot of hidden fees that you must uncover. According to Qanvast, a site dedicated to Singaporean homeowners, the average renovation costs are $56,000. Anything cheaper than average usually means cutting corners, it’s a fact we better get used to!

Hidden fees are numerable, cover every base – e.g. some interior designers will show you semi-fake portfolios with 3D generated images. Don’t go with a cheaper designer because of their smoke and mirrors, be sceptical!

Many other additional costs come into play, usually to do with fittings you don’t note down, like window grills. Cost of electrical wiring and electrical fees is another forgotten item to HDB renovation, coming in at a hefty $4,000. Air conditioning is more expensive than you think at $3,500, and cementing, filling and trimming edges can be over $1,000.

These are just construction fees, what about all the items you’ll need? Appliances cost a lot and getting them to match your rooms will make them cost more. Kitchen appliances may cost $2,000 +, for example! Washing machines, fridges, TVs, sofas, etc…you’ll need them all if you don’t have them already and to get matching items that complement your rooms (and you may as well, you’ve come this far) cost a lot!

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Once you wrap up every cost, take a breath, as it’s bound to be more than you thought. Of course, these things last for life, it’s still a reasonable sum but still, it’s easy to see how people start projects based on optimistic budgets that can’t stretch to cover all of the work.

HDB renovation packages, Singapore

Renovation packages, also known as one size fits all packages, may be provided by a salesperson who offers you everything. But then you find out it’s an inflexible, run of the mill package. Your deposit is down by then and you’re locked into getting something not ideal. It’s very important that you check everything and get it all in writing so you can study it properly. Avoid ballpark figures and track down proper itemised quotes instead.

When you enter into renovation talks, know your style. Being able to relay info about your design desires accurately saves time, money and energy. Strike a good chord with your designer and try and captivate them. If you get them on your page then they’ll do an honest job.

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer? Singapore renovation cost estimator

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There are a few ways you could pay for interior designers to renovate your HDB apartment,

Hourly – Simple and easy to organise, hourly rates cost between $50 to $500 an hour. This works well for small projects where hours are easily organised into a couple of days. The cost per hour covers all travel time, visits, shopping, conversations and other time directed to your job but doesn’t cover any hard material costs. The average, in total, may lie around $5,200 per hour.

Flat rate – This suits projects that have similar objectives for every room. Flat rates can be done per square foot – for example, $6 per square foot is often cited as an average price for design. Flat rates are ideal if you have concrete plans and can itemise your project.

Monthly retainer – If you want your work to be completed over a longer period then you can pay a monthly retainer each month before work is done.

Commission – Part of your pricing could involve designers buying materials at trade discount prices and charging you full price. They keep the difference and this helps fund the work. If you choose this then make sure you keep your receipts!

How much is iDoo’s online interior design service?

There are 4 easy steps to using iDoo’s interior design service and you get access to designers from all over the world!

  1. Take our quick survey, and let us know about you
  2. Pick your designer and start collaborating
  3. Get your 2 custom concepts within a week
  4. Select what you want, and let us do the shopping

What’s included:

  • Visual documents depending on your package
  • 2 Shopping lists
  • Direct messaging with your designer
  • Personal shopping assistant
  • Delivery arrangement
  • 100% Happiness guaranteed!

In case you face any issues with your designer or if you decide to stop the project before completion, we will refund you 100%. Start an iDoo design project to try it out and choose your very own international designer to build your style. Happiness guaranteed and with iDoo interior design is easy, affordable and fun!

Check out our iDoo partners today for furnishings and accessories to complete your personal style.

iDoo interior design projects and fees

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You can check out our most recent interior design projects with full interior design costs and fees. You can also take a look at our before and after shots, for different sized rooms. Plain and simple, with no hidden costs!

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