What Is iDoo?

iDoo is a platform allowing you to find an interior designer worldwide matching your taste and preferences, and obtain interior design concept for your home in one week.


How Does This Work?

With iDoo you can obtain conceptual designs for the room you’ve chosen. You just have to fill our survey, pick a designer you like, and you will receive his work in one week. A personal shopping list will be included in your documents, and we’ll shop every product for you when you’re ready.


Do I have to take the Survey?

Yes. The survey has been made so your designer can understand your taste, and what you’re expecting of your new room. It will allow him to work accordingly to your needs and expectations. This is his main tool to make you happy.


Why choose iDoo over a traditional interior designer?

We think that the main reason to use iDoo is that you know exactly what you’re signing for. Our packages have been made to optimize the working time and the efficiency. You know exactly what you will get, how much it will cost, and when you will get it. If you’ve already used a traditional interior designer service, you know that it can take months and cost thousands of dollars.

The greatest thing about iDoo is that we offer you the opportunity to get a personal designer worldwide. You can choose your designer because of his portfolio, his location or just because you find him nice! It will take you a few minutes to send a request, and you can receive 2 design propositions in a week. We will then take care of the shopping and send you all the information you need regarding the delivery.

With iDoo, you can stay in your sofa, work with a designer from New York, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney or San Francisco, receive designs in a week, and buy everything online at the end… No wait, we are buying it for you!


How much of a time commitment is it on my part?

You really don’t have a lot to do. The survey should take you around 5 minutes to complete and then the choice of designer is up to you. In general, we’ve been told that people were taking around 15 minutes until they send a request.

Once the collaboration is on, you just need to send a few photos and some measurements. You will receive an email helping you. Then just check if your designer sends you any message. He might need some more information.


Do I interact with my Designer?

Yes of course. Once the collaboration is on, you can chat with your designer and exchange documents, thoughts, inspirations… through your inbox, until the final dispatch.


How much does it cost?

It depends on the package you are choosing. We offer 3 kinds of package. The Easy Pack’ costs SG$279, the Heavy Pack’ costs SG$549, and the Com Pack’ costs SG$20.90/sq.m.

The shopping list is of course depending on your budget. You will be able to choose every product you want us to purchase for you, and those you don’t want.

You can choose to buy extra time in case you want to go further on your project. This extra time will allow you to collaborate during one more week. Costs are: SG$139 for the Easy Pack’, SG$ 279 for the Heavy Pack’, and SG$ 9.90 / sq.m for the Com Pack’.


How much do I need, to design my new room?

Generally speaking, a living room can be designed with a $4.000 to $6.000 budget assuming you need everything new, but this is the average expanse. Your designer can adapt his design to a $1.000 budget and a $30.000 budget.  Since we have no information about our partner stock, we advise you to buy the pieces you want, as soon as possible. We want to avoid you to be disappointed in case they don’t have them in stock anymore.


What does an iDoo Design Package include?

We offer 2 different residential packages:

The Easy Pack’ includes:

  • 2 moodboards, 2 shopping lists, direct messaging with your designer and personal shopping assistant.

The Heavy Pack’ includes:

  • 2 moodboards, 2 furniture layouts, 2 3D renders, 2 shopping lists, direct messaging with your designer and personal shopping assistant.


We also offer 1 commercial package, thought for offices, shops or any other commercial spaces:

The Com Pack’ includes:

  • 2 moodboards, 2 furniture layouts, 2 3D renders, 2 shopping lists, direct messaging with your designer and personal shopping assistant.


How many different designs will I receive?

You will receive 2 conceptual designs for the room you’ve chosen. Each of it, will have its own shopping list.


What are the differences in the design packages?

The Easy Pack’ is the simplest one. It includes only the necessary documents, allowing you to understand the atmosphere and the style your designer created.

The Heavy Pack’ is more advanced, and you will find layouts and 3d renders as well. That will allow you to see exactly what your room might look like and how to arrange your furniture. This is a great solution if you want a preview of the room, before purchasing the furniture.

The Com Pack’ is a solution for commercial spaces. You will receive every documents you need to visualize what your professional space could like.


Where do the designers come from?

Designers can be located anywhere in the world. We are studying every submission and try to select the best designers  for you.


Where do designers source products?

We created partnerships with online shop to make sure that our designers will be able to source product in your country. Here is the list: https://idoo.io/partners.html


I am not sure I want a makeover, what else does your site offer?

You still can use our large range of partners to shop online. Use our Partners page and click on their logo to get redirected to their website. Just make sure they’ll deliver to your country. We will be soon proposing “look book” and special products that you will be able to buy directly on our website. If you need inspiration, you can check our Blog page, as well as our Pinterest page.


Do I get a floor plan?

Yes, you can get a floor plan if you choose the Heavy Pack’. But be aware that since the initial dimensions are coming from you, we do not provide a perfectly accurate plan. This is for informative purpose only.


What if I have more than one room or a whole house?

This is not a problem. You just have to start a new project for each room. You will then be able to find every ongoing project on your personal dashboard. You can work with the same designer for your whole house, or pick a different one for each space. This is up to you.


How do I send my designer the details of the room?

Once your collaboration is on, we’ll ask you for your room measurements and photos. You will receive an email reminding you that you have to upload your room details. Use a tape measurer to collect the length and width of your room.

Here are some advices to do it correctly :

If you have specific questions around room measurements, do not hesitate to contact us at info@idoo.io.


What is the maximum room surface?

The maximum room surface is 40 square meters. Since we charge flat rates, we unfortunately have to define a maximum surface. In case your room is bigger, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll see how we can make it work.


I have an open floor plan, how does that work?

When there is an open-concept floor plan, you need to choose which area you want to design. For example, with an open living/bedroom, if want your designer to work on both area, then you will have to make 2 different projects.

If you only want your living area designed, just start a project for your living room. You can upload pictures of your entire “open room” to help your designer understand what the space looks like, but your designer will only design and source items for your living area.

If you are not sure about your floor plan, do not hesitate to send us some pictures and measurements at info@idoo.io, we will be glad to help you.


What if I want/have a dining space in my living room ?

As long as your living room surface is under 40sq.m, you can ask your designer to create and propose a dining space integrated in the room.


Do photos need to be a certain file type?

You can upload JPG, PNG and GIF format files. If you take photos with your smartphone or camera, you should not have any specific operation to do.


How long do I have to wait before I receive my design boards?

From the moment the designer accepted your request, you will receive the content of your package after a week.


When do I find out how much the entire room costs?

You will find a shopping list in your package. This list will allow you to see every product your designer chose for you and all their prices. You’ll be able to choose all of it or just a few, and we will take care of the purchase.


Does the room need to be empty? Or can my designer use my existing furniture and accessories?

Your designer can incorporate the product you’d like to keep, in his new design. Just let him know what you want to keep, and maybe send him clean pictures.


How does the shopping list work?

Once you received your shopping list, you will be able to select products you want for your home. You can select everything or a just a few elements. No need to buy everything separately, just proceed to payment through iDoo and we will take care of the rest. Your personal shopping assistant will purchase everything for you and send you the information regarding the delivery.

We can control a lot of steps during your project, but our partners’ delivery fees, as well as products availability, are changing all the time. This is why we take 48 hours to double check and update your list before you receive it.


What happen once I purchased items on my shopping list?

Once you made the final payment using the “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” button, we will buy every product from our partners. We will send you the confirmation with the information you need regarding the delivery of each element. Our partners will have your contact, and in case they need it, they will be able to contact you to arrange the delivery.


Why should I buy items on my shopping list through iDoo?

We offer to take care of the shopping part for you. Instead of making multiple payments, and browsing dozens of websites, you just have to make one payment through iDoo, and we’ll take care of the rest. We don’t add any extra to what we’re buying for you, you will pay public prices. It means that you’ll get the exact same price if you buy it by yourself but you’ll just waste a lot of time doing it. 🙂


What if something goes wrong with an item you bought?

Unfortunately, we are not in charge of the delivery and can’t be held responsible in case of problems. We promise to do our best to help in case something happens, but our partners are separated companies and we are not directly in charge of your purchased items.


What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we accept payment by credit/debit card.


What kind of items do you source?

We source our items from a lot of different retailers. You can check our partner page, to see who we partnered with.


What about Returns?

Each vendor has specific return policies, so check in your cart for the return policy of the vendor you are ordering from. If the policy is not listed, please reach out to info@idoo.io and we’d be glad to direct you. Many items are able to be returned, if they are in new condition, within 30 days of order placement and restocking fees may apply in certain cases. Some customized items may be non-returnable and non-refundable.


What is the best way to contact you if I am experiencing a problem?

We are receiving a lot of questions everyday but we are checking our emails all the time and we try to answer as soon as possible. In case a problem comes up, just contact us at info@idoo.io, and we’ll do our best to answer as fast as we can.


Where do I manage my account?

Just “Log in” and then click on your name located in the top right hand corner. You will be able to access your personal information, your dashboard and more.


What if I am really unhappy with my designer’s work?

In case you didn’t have enough time to collaborate, you can buy some extra time (one more week) to go further into details, or make some modifications.

In case the content of your  package is the problem, please contact us at info@idoo.io. Knowing that every single project is different, we will see what we can do together.


What if I forgot my login password? Can I get a new one?
Of course, just contact us at info@idoo.io.

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