Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

What is eclectic interior design?

Some people think eclectic interior design means a mash-up of styles, colours and designs but it’s a bit more complex than that. Eclectic interior design draws upon the design fundamentals of structure, colour, proportion, harmony and contrast, amongst others. But it does so in a way that combines styles from different periods into a single design. This provides a striking but balanced harmony.

Eclectically decorated rooms are best suited to those who prefer extrovert design styles, but it can suit low-key rooms too. Eclectic design is basically a creative way of designing a room with a lot of freedom. You can have little care about specific style conventions. Instead, you can view design as one whole, where the main aim is to create a room to your stylistic choices. It’s no wonder that eclectic interior design options are numerous and creative! There’s so much originality, individualism and depth to this way of interior decorating and styling.

Eclectic interior design ideas

Eclectically designed rooms make the most of mixing up furniture and decorations, but they must still retain an overall picture of balance and harmony. Eclecticism is still highly individualistic, and because it doesn’t adhere to convention, you can employ some more radical designs if you please. Whatever you want, feel free to go for it!

Eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms

eclectic design ideas electric colours

Eclectic design can certainly hit you with a WOW! factor and this room proves it with geometric patterned rugs balanced with fine tribal artwork. It shows eclecticism’s balance through contrast. It’s certainly bright and impactful.

eclectic design ideas blue room

Luxurious and bold, the eclectic combinations of golden light fittings and blue furnishings shows an individualism that is strong and stylish. Blue walls are boldly coloured and create an air of luxury. Combined with bold paintings it creates a radically designed room which is still cozy and functional.

eclectic design ideas photo frames

Paintings and rugs are some of the tricks of eclectic design. They provide visually striking elements and create dynamism. Paintings in this room are contrasting in their own right – there’s portraits with more abstract shapes and they all sum up to form an interesting display of varying qualities.

eclectic design ideas rustic living

This room has an eastern eclectic theme with floor cushions, natural materials and rustic fittings. Paintings wrap up the room with a bit artistic edginess.

eclectic design ideas exposed brick

Brown and rustic whilst remaining modern in colouring and furniture – this defines eclecticism. This design style has the ability to construct a balanced room, but contrasting enough to create a striking impression. Once again, paintings display a real individualistic element in a room.

eclectic design ideas black feature wall

Blues are bold colours for living rooms, they can be warming and relaxing in deeper hues. But if used incorrectly, they can be cold and clinical. In this room, blue is used to create a luxurious impression that combines with wooden furniture and paintings to provide a visually striking, sumptuous and relaxingly natural space.

eclectic design ideas metal lampshade

Super modern and sleek, but eclectic and not dull by any measure! This room’s coloured accenting combines with circular forms and custom coloured chairs to create a futurist feel.

eclectic design ideas bohemian

This room’s focus is on its decorative elements which are numerous and interesting. It’s eclectic in that it captures the senses, providing historically rich imagery that’s juxtaposed nicely with a modern chair. Very bohemian and earthy!

Eclectic bedroom decorating ideas

eclectic design ideas black bedroom

This bedroom has radical lampshades that combine with black walls. The contrast with accented paintings defies conventions, but somehow balances the room.

eclectic design ideas bedroom bright colours

The WOW! factor in this is provided by the painting above the headrest. It gives the room an instant focal point which is colourful and striking. Cushion designs aren’t held back – they’re bold and colourful against the soft pastel walls.

eclectic decorating ideas blue bedroom

Pastel colours provide an instant calm to bedrooms and are the choice of many Parisian designers. In fact, Parisian designers also take an eclectic approach to design into their bedrooms. They use intricacies that don’t cause imbalances with the overall feel of the room and this is a perfect example.

eclectic design ideas blue geometric patterns

Patterns and colours – the two most powerful transferrals of stylistic choice into a room combine here. This stylish and modern bedroom incorporates a rustic piece of furniture for contrast.

eclectic design ideas bachelorette pad bedroom

Polka dots and animal prints are bold and modern, but remain balanced with white walls and paintings. There’s a chic quality to this room which is both luxurious and modern.

eclectic design ideas white bedroom

This wooden ceiling is brilliant. It may seem odd, but it creates an eclectic feel.  Why not try balancing faux fur with contemporary art and white walls!

eclectic design ideas pink chairs

This magnificent room has everything you could desire in eclectic design. Visually, it’s fantastic! And with so many cool ornaments, the result is luxurious and almost surreal!

eclectic design ideas white living room

The cool colours in this room provide brightness and space. Combined with some great lampshades there’s an almost celestial aura. The colourful painting is a centre point, but doesn’t detract from the gentle style.

eclectic design ideas geometric art

Geometric themes create a sleekness to this room. Its eclectic style comes through with blue accents that combine so well with earthy hues. The result is a relaxed, comfortable design.

Eclectic interior design and decorating on a budget

You may be thinking, “well, I bet those rooms cost a bit. There’s so many different decorations, furniture and ornaments!” But the truth is, many items can be acquired cheaply from bric-a-brac shops, second hand shops and low cost furniture outlets.

Old, broken and worn antiques can be revitalised with a lick of paint. Older furniture can be spray painted to create something a bit ‘out there’. These quirky modifications can form a mashup of designs and colours to create a dynamic room.

eclectic design ideas beach cottage

These vintage surfboards were picked up cheaply. You really can achieve eclectic interior design on a budget!

eclectic design ideas grey wall

Re-used bric-a-brac wall art here has been painted white. They add a layer of intrigue to this modern eclectic living room.

eclectic design ideas yellow wall hanging

Items like these vintage antlers are often available on the cheap from second hand shops. The graffiti wall here adds a DIY element which is cool and modern.

How to get your own eclectic design style

Follow your heart and desires! Yes, that can apply to most design techniques. But eclectic design is all about discovering your own style. Your rooms should tell your story in as much detail as you want! You can be as individualistic as you want. Why not try deliberately clashing a lot of items together? Then slowly remove pieces until you find the right balance!

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