DIY Stunning Accent Wall Ideas

Walls are the biggest surfaces in our houses and apartments, a blank canvas for accenting using patterns, and paintings. Accent walls introduce a dynamic quality to a room and it’s simple and easy – a whole room can be transformed with just one shift in shade, colour or pattern. Whether you have an HDB flat or a house, accent walls can give your house a surprise aspect to its style.

What is an accent wall?

Accent walls are simply impactful wall designs – they’re an essential feature of contemporary design, allowing us to inject some style and personalisation into any room.

small accent wall ideas

This blank under-stair space looked pretty vague and dull. It’s an interesting shape, though, and this dark patterned design really brought that out. Now it looks much more interesting and useful, all just from covering one wall and adding a table.


yellow accent wall ideas
Accenting a wall brings out art or photos. Here, it really brings the art into the room, brightening up the room with a splash of colour that illuminates the space.


big room accent wallThis subtle accent is creative and unique, adding a lovely touch to this classy looking waiting room.


headboard accent wall bedroomThis textile backboard allows you to switch up your room’s accents to either darken it into a space for the winter or brighten it for the summer. Simple and easy! 

Adding a backboard really perks the room up. It’s comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The more soft accents you have in the room, the cosier it’ll be!

Best accent wall ideas for any home

Accent walls can be created in any house and in any room. They can be subtle or impactful, energising or cooling and can add instant personalisation.

Accent wall ideas for small living rooms

Purple accent wall ideas

Purple is a sumptuous shade. Best known for its luxurious connotations, purple was famously the royal Roman colour of choice. It’s a powerful accent colour, obviously not for everybody but some will really appreciate its textural yet regal nature.

modern living room purple accent wall idea

Deep and dark, but warm and sophisticated, this modern room has a serious contemporary edge enhanced by its purple accent.

modern style purple accent walls

Burgundy shades of purple can add a warm class to a room that ties in with vintage styling.


purple accent wall ideas
Purple can be quite an organic colour – these aubergine hues add a natural freshness to a room.

Geometric accent walls ideas

Geometric patterns are timeless. They’re always eye-catching and dynamic, drawing the eye around. Cool, contemporary and sophisticated, geometric patterns add a sincere touch to a room, reinforcing strong angles or steely shades.

geometric patterns accent wall ideas
This room is certainly swish and elegant. It’s dramatically enhanced by the geometric accented wall which creates a suitably modern backdrop for this suave and sophisticated room.


simple patterned accent wall idea
Geometric designs don’t have to occupy a whole wall. This design adds a modern interest to a large and otherwise rather dull wall. It’s simple and easy to do this with a stencil or with sticky roll-on tiles.

Sometimes it’s great to accent a wall with a strong, large-scale and all-over design and this room does exactly that. It’s fresh and modern, the room would just be a bit boring without it.

Chalkboard accent wall ideas

Chalkboard has quickly become a popular design material. It has a great matte black texture which can be decorated with drawings, improvised memos or lists or just doodled on freely! It’s liberating chalking up recipes on your wall and it’s just a bit more tactical and attractive than a white-board or calendar.

image for best accent wall ideas

Chalkboard walls are undoubtedly cool and regardless of whether you fancy drawing some improvised designs on it or not, they can certainly be used to keep track of lists and weekly events.


large chalkboard accent wall idea

They’re also an edgy way to add art to any room without needing to buy expensive canvases.

chalkboard accent walls
Chalkboard walls don’t have to be huge, they can just accent a certain part of your room. This HDB apartment living room makes use of a chalkboard wall between the sitting area and kitchen. It just seems to tie the two together into one big, usable space.

Watercolour painted accent walls

Watercolour designs are textural and feel natural and organic. They allow us to splash colours onto our walls artfully, too. They have a certain movement to them which opens up a room, injecting a sense of calm.

water colour accent wall ideas

This watercolour design within an HDB apartment is impressive and colourful. Abstract watercolour paintings are dynamic and visually striking and in this room it just adds more fluidity to its waterside setting.

Some watercolour wall designs can be painted on yourself. This one is simple and effective, you wouldn’t need much more than these splodgy colours to add a textural quality to an otherwise plain back wall.

ombre accent walls
This raw design brings texture to the next level. It’s quite visceral and provocative, giving a raw, natural edge to this modern space.

black and white accent walls
This black disrupted pattern has a liquid feel, intensifying the room’s charcoal styling.

Wooden accent walls

Wooden accents are a natural choice for many due to their hardwearing natural and raw qualities. Wood has an effortless aesthetic quality and there’s an amazing diversity, ranging from warm and rich mahogany to bright and clean pine.

wood and plants accent walls

These wooden accents are instantly warm and natural in tone and texture. It’s modern design without compromising the organic nature of a room – that’s hard and wood really gives you a headstart at bringing the outside in.

Bold, large scale wooden patterns like this look amazing in serious looking rooms.

bohemian wooden accent wall
Wooden walls can be uniform in construction or texture or raw like this, where varying sized add a unique, raw essence to the room.

Accent walls with mirrors

Big mirrors really lighten up a room, especially when cleverly positioned. The reflection of daytime sun can keep your room fresh, especially when combined with white walls which further reflect light to really brighten any room.

mirror accent walls
This huge mirror looks grand and elegant. It accents the room whilst re-purposing an otherwise unused wall.


small mirrors accent wall living room
Positioned to reflect the outside, these mirror tiles add a lovely bright accent to this green, natural themed room.

accent wall ideas for high ceilings

Accents left freestanding on the floor can really add another dimension to the part of your room which lies below eye level. The way large mirrors like this reflect outside light adds a reflective quality to the room.

Accent wall ideas for bedrooms

Bedrooms are more personal spaces and your accents can be the same. Don’t be afraid of adding something unique and gutsy to your bedroom wall as edgy designs can really work!

Wallpaper for bedroom accent walls

Wallpaper comes in easy to apply forms which incorporate great designs. You can cheaply cover a large wall when compared to other materials and the selection today is huge.
metal wallpaper accent wall ideas

This wallpaper’s smoky design is luxurious and when combined with purple, it really creates a classy room that is warm, elegant and comfy too.

personalised accent wall paper ideas

This wallpaper is certainly original and adds a modern twist to a large, tall wall.

painted paper accent wall ideas bedroom
Patterned and coloured wallpaper like this covers large areas with intricate or simple patterns. In this case, its intricate pattern heightens the room’s classiness.

Murals for bedroom accent walls

A bedroom mural can be an amazing addition to your house. Covering a whole wall in a fantastic painting creates an immersive area and some find that it’s the key to really unwinding and relaxing.

loft bedroom accent wall with beach sunset
This mural really provides the wow factor – it’s immersive, bright and incredibly detailed, adding an incredible dynamic to a calming, minimalist room.

sunset accent wallpaper
Calming murals and cool, calm and collected. It’s a great way to bring some aspects of the outdoors into your room for many, it’s an excellent way to relax yourself and your room together.

moon and stars accent wall bedroom
Striking and arty, this mural’s deep hues are cooling and calming. You can see how it would create a peaceful aura late at night, especially with moonlight coming through the curtain itself.

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