Creative HDB Bedroom Design Ideas

HDB and creativity can go hand in hand, with small, compact spaces lending themselves so well to strong and focused interiors that have attitude, style and comfort in abundance. HDB bedroom design has really taken off with the rise of widespread HDB living in Singapore, and the need for efficient and comfortable spaces rises alongside, with designers providing fresh takes on bedrooms which range from radical to rustic.

A small space can easily be cozy, which is a priority for getting a good night’s sleep! But functional and practical additions such as efficient storage space and clever furniture are also very important to enable you to get the most out of your HDB flat bedroom space.

HDB Bedroom design ideas

For the working person

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: EMI Interior Design

Rise and shine and begin work from the comfort of your own bedroom. That’s what dreams are made of, right? Mixing technology and bedrooms has always been a tricky one for designers, what sort of balance do we need to strike between the bedroom being a place to rest and a place to work? These days, there is a need for it to function in both ways and PC desks featuring efficient storage space are both attractive and practical. This is a simple room with wooden furniture which looks both comfy and usable.


Storage options

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Traditional Home

Storage has always been an area for design innovation. The more storage you can fit into small spaces, the better, as long as it doesn’t compromise other aspects of the room. In this case, it’s complementary and looks great. The raised bed under the skylight window is stunning and you gain all that under bed storage. Wooden furniture and storage is always a good option, it’s natural and pleasant to the eye.

Futuristic theme

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Fedorova

Minimal designs suit HDB living, that’s plain and simple whilst remaining bold and modern. Minimal designs are elegant and easy to design, this one has a futuristic feel with beds positioned on the floor. It’s surprisingly cozy to sleep down low, the ceiling is high above you and it gives a fantastic illusion of an expansive room.

For the fashionista

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Seth Lui

Lots of clothes and accessories? Then you need lots of storage! Which isn’t a problem at all, with this HDB flat making excellent use of ceiling height storage.

Platform bed

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Kia Designs

Platform beds are a great storage solution and always looks elegant and at home in an HDB bedroom space. White washed walls provide the open look which allows your room to breathe, while real wood material for beds and accessories help you escape city life when you go to bed.

Fairytale dream

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Floors by Remo

After a selection of primarily modern spaces, this design is distinctively traditional. It certainly has a certain impact, and the tall post bed really creates a center-piece to the room. HDB living doesn’t have to be all about modern and minimalist design if you’re not into that; vintage striped carpets, classic-contemporary art and antique wooden chairs all provide a traditional flavour to your new build apartment.

Splash of colour

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Decoist

Black and white provides an effortless minimalism but colour provides a splash of energy that can feel both relaxing and invigorating. It doesn’t take much – a bit here and there, with stripey mats to complement like we have in this bedroom.

The floating bed

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: One King Design

Now this takes elegance to the next level. Dark and atmospheric tones are complemented with the white walls which will make your room light in the day and cozy at night. The bold lamp and chair provide eye-catching pieces to the room but none more than this fantastic bed. Its seemingly gravity defying design doesn’t just look super cool but provides a ton of storage space underneath.

Monochromatic theme

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: House Beautiful

Monochrome. Minimalist. Modern. But also cozy! That’s what this bedroom achieves with its large, comfy looking bed. Soft throws add to that tactile essence, the only problem with this bed is that it looks to comfy to get out of!

Rustic style

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Decorating Your Small Space

Love city life but love escaping too? Then rustic, traditional designs may be the ones for you. They’re brimming with character and are surprisingly easy to construct. Wooden furniture should have a shabby-chic rusticity to it which is raw and organic. Patchwork fabrics create a farmhouse style that is warm and inviting.

Scandinavian style

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Cut Y Paste

White-out for a Scandinavian style room that provides a chic openness to reflect light and open up your room. Elegance is provided further but art prints that give your walls an extra dimension. Chic, stylish, sexy!

Mixed elements

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Io Man Style Kounsel

Modern design isn’t all about uniformity. Rooms with attitude are formed from mixed elements which tie in to create something truly unique. Art combined with stylish furnishings give this HDB bedroom design a great zest that gives it some originality. The bed is movable, as it’s on wheels, so you can easily rearrange.

The children’s bedroom option

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Renonation

Children need space for activities and playing. Bright colours are usually the order of the day for child’s bedrooms and compact beds with built in storage provide the room with that much needed extra space.

Minimal approach

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Tali Roth

We’ve already discussed how minimalism provides a defined unanimity for an HDB master bedroom and this room is an excellent example of how white and cream tones can combine to create a very well lit and glowing room which is refreshing both night and day. Warm up your whited-out room with soft mats and bedding. Pictures hung behind the bed break up the uniform walls just enough to add that extra dimension of personality.

Wardrobe separator

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Cromly

Unique space saving techniques are all the rage for Singaporean designers, this being an amazing example of original design providing practical and functional features to a room. The wardrobe separator creates a large amount of storage which is perfectly usable and adds a real original signature an HDB bedroom.


Billboard quotes

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Home and Decor

Bold and defined, this quote provides a modern addition to a simple room which is a calm reminder night and day. You don’t much to lend your otherwise minimal bedroom a bit of flavour, this being a great way to inject some of your personality by having a billboard featuring one of your life mantras.

Bright colours

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Cottages & Bungalows

Amongst these modern designs, a brightly coloured one like this really makes a splash! It’s quirky and cute whilst remaining modern and simple. The room is bright and open but the colour gives it a uniqueness that reflects colourful HDB flats.

Industrial style

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Architecture Art Design

Raw brick really is a great textured material to add a slightly industrial essence to your HDB master bedroom. This room is rustic and reminds of the countryside, with its oldy-worldy offerings of patterned bedding and added art.

Linear concept

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Seth Lui

Minimal and effective, this linear design really suits HDB living as it’s bold and warm, but modern and stylish. That fan is amazing! And the compartment with stool and mirror provide a linear sectional feel that creates space and effectively uses the room’s layout.

Open concept wardrobe

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Cromly

Open wardrobes are practically great and they pack a seriously stylish punch. This room looks glorious with its walk-in wardrobe complete with some great lighting and a big, comfy bed to boot.

Glass bathroom

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas
Source: Homedit

What an amazingly modern room this is, with chic bedding, a large comfy looking mat and most of all, its extensive all glass fronted bathroom! The room oozes class and the glass bathroom reflects light whilst letting the sun shine on you during your morning washing and showering routine.

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