20+ Unique & Stylish Coffee Shop Design Ideas

Coffee shops are the mainstay of day-time social life all over the world. Their common ground is shared universally as places for meeting up, working, relaxing and simply enjoying your own and others time in. Envisioned often as small, cosy spaces, they can also be large and expansive. Coffee shop interior design comes with great diversity. Their layouts differ greatly and the thematic design of each one is often distinct. Whether they’re rustic and traditional or super-modern and futuristic, there’s always something which is going to be visually striking and memorable. Big designs ideas in coffee shops create long-lasting impressions which keeps the shop memorable, magnetising people back for their regular caffeine fix.

Society Café, Amsterdam

The Society Café was designed by Ben Rolls from Simple Simon Design. The decor in this coffee shop is smooth and warm. It isn’t full on or overwhelming, perfect for relaxing in the shade on hot days or in the warm on cold ones. The design incorporates some salvaged items like the vintage theatre lighting overhead lamps. Maps under the tables’ glass adds a quirk and overall the coffee shop ties up as a beautiful and warm zone.

Society Cafe - Coffee Shop Interior DesignSociety Cafe - Cafe Interior Design Bicycle

Starbucks ‘The Bank’ Concept, Amsterdam

Starbucks created this awesome coffee shop with a team of 35 designers and artists. It’s located in Amsterdam and is named ‘The Bank’. The first immediately noticeable thing is the ceiling, created from wood to form a geometric 3D patter. The overall theme is woody and natural. It’s warm and organic, an ode to nature and its coffee!

Starbucks The Bank Concept - Coffee Shop DesignStarbucks The Bank Concept - Coffee Shop Interior DecorationStarbucks The Bank Concept - Cafe Design

Vanilla Coffee Shop, Berlin

This tiny coffee shop Vanilla in Berlin is situated in a cosy corner of the city and is instantly lovable with white and bright colours, colour splashes and cute design touches.

Vanilla Berlin - Modern Coffee ShopVanilla Berlin - Simple Cafe Design

Tully’s Coffee Shop, Remm Kagoshima, Japan

Tully’s Coffee is part of a stunning hotel from Kagoshima, Japan. It’s sleek, modern and has a contemporary edge with glass and striking chandeliers. Its design encourages social interaction and the uniform design is stylish and clean.

Tullys Coffee - Luxury Cafe DesignTullys Coffee - Hotel Coffee Shop

Cribbar Surf Bar by Absolute, Newquay, UK

This sea themed coffee shop is named after Newquay’s hardest wave to surf. Making no surf stereotypes it stylishly combines touches of the sea like its sandy floor with fresh, trendy additions like its colourful lighting which can be used to change the atmosphere of the shop day and night.

Cribbar Newquay - Surf Themed BarCribbar Newquay - Surf Themed Coffee Shop

Starbucks, Shinto Shrine in Dazaifu, Japan

Another Starbucks designers’ signature shop, this really has a WOW! factor with its wooden lattice that weaves through the entire shop. It’s not a big shop but has a striking originality that is sure to make it memorable for visitors.

Starbucks at Dazaifu - Stunning Coffee Shop DesignStarbucks at Dazaifu - Striking Coffee Shop Design

Starbucks Roy Street Coffee & Tea, Seattle, USA

Sleepy Seattle as it’s portrayed in popular culture lends itself to this wonderful old-worldy coffee shop with striking artwork, lamp fittings and sumptuous chairs that would require you to buy coffee to keep you awake because they look so comfy!

Startbucks Seattle - Eclectic Coffee Shop DesignStartbucks Seattle - Eclectic Style Cafe Design

Café Coutume, Paris

This looks like an incredibly authentic Parisian coffee shop with marble, white walls and columns. Subtle details like moulded sculptures add the the Parisian chic luxury and it ties up nicely to form an inviting but clean and cool coffee shop with a local quirk.

Cafe Coutume Paris - Coffee Shop Design IdeaCafe Coutume Paris - Cafe Design Idea

Cafe Foam, Stockholm

This Swedish coffee shop is inspired by Bull fighting and Spanish culture. Hot colours combine with its cream walls to form a sensual area that is cosy but funky and stylish.

Foam Cafe Stockholm - Coffee Shop Interior DecorationFoam Cafe Stockholm - Cafe Interior Decoration

Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen} Los Angeles, CA

Popularising the phrase ‘But first, Coffee..’, this awesome, trendy coffee shop in the Melrose area of LA is stamping ground for many celebs. Its geometric design and bright colours tie together as instantly modern chic styling.


Intelligentsia Chicago, IL

This is the chains’ flagsip, born in Chicago with contemporary design which is as energising as its brilliant coffee.


Black Eye Coffee Denver, CO

There’s two of these in Denver and their coffee is famous. The Capitol Hill spot features an Art-Deco, contemporary classic inspired look while the LoFi neighborhood location shows off quaint, vintage styling that is homely and warm.


Noorderparkbar Amsterdam

Set in Amsterdam park, this is exactly what it looks like – a black box which opens up and serves coffee, cake and sweets.Coffee-Shops-Noorderparkbar

The Butcher’s Daughter NYC

Industrial materials like steel hooks, iron butcher rails and slate gray concrete floors contrast with lighter materials like reclaimed driftwood, brick and greenery to create a visual appeal that’ll keep you sipping coffee.Coffee-Shops-butchers

Réveille Coffee Co. San Francisco, CA

Designed by the owners and founders of this small chain, this coffee shop features Art-Deco styling with original additions like Spanish moss and concentric circular surface designs.Coffee-Shops-reveille

Code Black Coffee Melbourne, Australia

Built in a former mechanic’s workshop, interior architects, Zwei added a wood-slatted mezzanine for extra seating that is impressively designed. Code Black’s coffee has a famously strong essence and design to match.


Spyhouse Coffee Roasters Minneapolis, MN

Situated in 4 locations within the city, this antiquey coffee shop is warm and inviting and this one in NE Minneapolis is built in an early 1900s timber and brick building.


El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

White, bright and expansive, this NYC coffee shop contains all the Cali-chic you need in the city. Open, cool but also inviting and energising, this coffee shop serves lunch and coffee as great as it looks.Coffee-Shops-elrey

Heart Coffee Roasters Portland, OR

This Portland coffee shop has all sorts of monochrome Scandinavian design ideas with striking black and white artworks.


Yours Truly Capetown, South Africa

Situated next to art galleries, this coffee shop combines art, plants and rustic design.Coffee-Shops-Yourstruly

Methodical Coffee Greenville, SC

With sleek modern design and decor methodical lives up to its namesake with logically organised, sylsih design.Coffee-Shops-methodical

Verve Coffee Roasters Santa Cruz, CA

In Santa Cruz, this coffee shop has a refreshing, coastal feeling that is open and energising.Coffee-Shops-Verve

Cielito Querido Café Mexico City, Mexico

This bold chain has striking geometric surface designs and bold colourful decor and furniture. It’s striking and memorable.


Blue Bottle Coffee Oakland, CA

Transformed from a car showroom this coffee shop keeps that open plan style going with minimal design and vinyl curtains combied with hexagonal flooring.Coffee-Shops-bluebottle

Caffe Streets Chicago, IL

Stare at this delightful ceiling whilst sipping a brew. It’s warm, organic, natural and woody, featuring woods with lovely grains.


Sightglass, San Francisco, CA

Making use of terrariums and plants this coffee shop is warm and natural. It’s cozy and comfortable, somewhere where you could spend hours rather than minutes.

Sightglass on 20th St. in San Francisco, Calif.

Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee Perth, Australia

A big coffee shop brewing with design, this Australian shop uses bold geometric additions to combine with an overall sleekness that is modern and stylish.


LAMILL Coffee, Los Angeles, CA

This luxurious, deeply coloured coffee shop removes itself from more common modern designs with bold colouring and large Grecian murals.


Barista Parlor, Nashville, TN

Industrial and mechanical, this Nashville coffee shop has a rural essence that is arty and inviting. Old bikes are parked inside and out, giving it a unique industrial quirk.


Mr. West Cafe Bar Seattle, WA

Rainy day blues? Mr. West covers it in the coffee capital of the world. It’s warm and cozy with just enough classic and contemporary design features in the balance.


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