Bachelorette Pad Design Ideas

Bachelorette pads are a statement of independence and freedom over choice, lifestyle and design. With the wide world at your doorstep, a perfect, personalised zone is what many of us dream of: somewhere we can exercise our own independence and routine, invite people over to spend time with, and properly kick back in our cozy hidey-holes. 

Having a whole pad to yourself really invites you to make bold design statements which will really give your home true individualism and originality. Whether you’re dressing down for quiet nights in or dressing up to wine and dine your guests, you can utilise your bachelorette pad to explore every last bit of chic and modern style for any event or situation. Forget the small spaces, you can still really transform bachelorette pads into big places, packed full of brilliant decor and design. If you want a practical and modern space with all the functionality possible, then these little design tricks can gear up your small apartment for modern living.

Mixed patterns to decorarte bachelorette pads

Mixed patterns living room bachelorette pad ideas

Mixing patterns creates a material clash which is visually striking and energising. If you want to relinquish yourself from white walls then choose bold and bright colours to really draw the eye over your modern, refreshing apartment. Geometric textiles always create bold impressions. Don’t be afraid to mix monochrome designs with colourful ones either.

Eccentric wallpaper

Eccentric wallpaper living room bachelorette pad ideas

We’re all eccentric in some ways, so embrace your individualism and mirror that in your pad! Defined, bold wallpapers really make a statement. Lush carpets and upholstery don’t hold back in their class, tying in with walls to create something special, but modern and sleek. Art and delicate ornaments add even more to this. You can easily create a visually striking room which looks cultured and worldly.

Bachelorette pad furniture for small spaces

vanity for small spaces bachelorette pad ideas

Don’t forget to clear the clutter! Mirrors, makeup and other life necessities fit easily into small spaces, leaving room for practical use of your pad. You can sneak this classy vanity table and mirror into your main bedroom, it would be rude not to!

Bold wall colours

bold wall colours bachelorette pad ideas

You’ve got an apartment and are at liberty to design it how you want. So go crazy if that’s where your desires take you! Bold colours look great in bright light and keep your room nice and warm at night. They can energise your room considerably, so bathe in the fountain of youth with colour!

Chic style with marble details and a chandelier

chic style kitchens bachelorette pad ideas

Marble and a chandelier? Introduce Parisian chic to your bachelorette pad and your guests will go Ooh la la when they see that! White walls expand rooms and marble adds a classy aspect which is hardwearing and practical. Marble combines amazingly well with white walls but comes in all sorts of colours and textures for personally tailoring to any colour scheme.

Long frames

long frames bachelorette pad ideas

Lengthen your walls and heighten your ceilings with long frames that fill your walls. They help expand a room and make it feel less linear. Art and mirrors are great ways to add that extra lengthy dimension.

Efficient storage

storage space bachelorette pad ideas

Storage is a top priority in any apartment, your bachelorette pad being no different. It doesn’t take much: a few efficient shelves and some ceiling height storage adds a lot without compromising your space.

Make the most of your space

storage space bachelorette pad ideas

Space saving ideas can be creative too, with this room making great use of a corner for a clothing rail. Combined with floor storage and a shelf for photo-frames, this corner has a three-in-one function.

Contrasting statement pieces

contrasting decor pieces bachelorette pad ideas

The items you add to your room like lights, tables and ornaments will be your personal stamp of style. Make sure you consider them carefully, try bold wall pieces combined with tall, unique lamps and lampshades. Small chandelier centrepieces don’t have to cost much, illuminating your room with a touch of class and glamour.

Tiles with cool undertones

kitchen tiles pieces bachelorette pad ideas

White is well known for its ability to expand rooms by reflecting light and brightening walls. White with slight undertones of other colours is no different, allowing you to subtly blend other neutral tones to taste. It can be subtle creams, pastel colours or smooth grays. Don’t be afraid to blend other tones with white for bright, cool and collected look.

Add some art

art interior design bachelorette pad ideas

Art has decorated walls for thousands of years. It helps us define a room’s character and add a uniqueness to it with pieces we’ve hand selected ourselves. Modern prints are inexpensive and look great when framed up. Collaged walls with multiple pieces make your pad look cool and cultured.

Bright colours

bright colours interior design bachelorette pad ideas

Bright and energetic, that’s how we all want to feel in the morning! So brighten up your room with splashes of bold colours. They’ll invigorate you in the morning and reinvigorate you at night. Bold lighting adds to the WOW! factor.

Ottoman coffee table

coffee table interior design bachelorette pad ideas

Fabric can be used to soften your room up, making it cozier and warmer for the night time. Ottoman coffee tables like this feel and look lovely. They provide a practical but unique piece to a room.

Monochrome mosaic tiles

monochrome tiles interior design bachelorette pad ideas

Mosaics have sure survived the test of time, remaining a great design tool to add dynamic to any room. They’re particularly useful in the bathroom, providing a hardy surface that is visually striking.

Different textures

textured furnishings interior design bachelorette pad ideas

Combining textures appeals to the sense of touch, which is extremely important in creating that homely feel. Warm mats always combine well with wooden floors, blankets ensure your comfort and pillows with different textures stack up to create a tactile feel in your bachelorette pad.

Pastel tones

Pastel tones living room bachelorette pad ideas

Pastel tones add colour whilst retaining the light in your room. They’re organic and natural, which’ll give your room a breathe of fresh air whilst keeping it homely. Blues and pinks go especially well together, really tying in with bright walls and ornaments such as vases with flowers or potted houseplants.

Glass pieces

glass furniture textured furnishings interior design bachelorette pad ideas

Glass is a great material to help reflect light and add a classy sparkle to your pad. Glass coffee tables are useful and look great set amongst light and brightly coloured rooms. Ideal for small spaces, glass is a design material that will forever hold its place.

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