Bachelor Pad Design Ideas

Ah, the bachelor pad, home to many a young man, his possessions, toys, games, clothes and gear. Often depicted as messy and chaotic, they need not be, though some even the best bachelor pad design ideas can end up less than perfect. But that’s fine because we’re still young, right?!

Whatever you want your bachelor pad to be like, it doesn’t take many design tips and tricks to really lift it up into something really dynamic, fun and practical. Whether strong colours float your boat or minimalist, industrial themes is what you’re after, you can create a big and bold pad from small spaces. Men aren’t always too concerned with design and decorating rooms but at some stage, you’ll definitely want to add some personality to your space. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your bachelor pad into the ultimate bachelor apartment.

Contemporary bachelor pad bedroom ideas

bachelor pad ideas contemporary bedroom

Bedrooms with contemporary designs always feel slick and cool. Shiney surfaces are great for adding modernism to rooms along with geometric additions and a few ornaments. Lamps are a must so try and find some you really like. Decorating your bachelor pad’s bedroom can be your first port-of-call for a personalised space that suits your personality.

Simple colour scheme for stylish bachelor apartments

bachelor bad simple colour scheme interior design

Keep it simple and relaxing. Monochrome with cream is modern and classy, the geometric wall design here adding a visually striking feel to the room. Potted plants add a freshness that keeps it chill whilst cream sofas keep it comfortable.

Industrial style ideas for masculine living rooms

bachelor pad industrial style living room interior design

Living rooms need to be comfortable, you’ll be spending a lot of time there! Open plan rooms can still retain a cozy warmth whilst staying cool and sleek. This room’s serious colour scheme is industrial and unique with its metallic lamp taking centre stage.

Decorating a bachelor pad with wooden kitchen accents

bachelor bad wooden kitchen interior design

Wood has always been a key material for designers. Use it to give spaces an organic texture that suits kitchens particularly well. Natural, warm and visually striking, wooden furniture and accents really make a pad a home. This kitchen’s bold wooden style makes it look serious and stylish.

Sleek, minimal bathroom design ideas

bachelor pad interior design bathroom

Bathrooms are cool places. We spend an average 1 to 2 years of our lives in them so keep them interesting with minimal designs like this that are simple, practical and effective.

Colour decoration for the ultimate bachelor pad

bachelor pad bedroom mixed colour interior decorating

Colour always has a place in at least one of your rooms. It can add that extra dynamic which transforms it from cool to warm, or warm to cool, whichever you prefer. This room certainly looks cozy, but modern too, with black, cream and metallic tones.

Combine stone and wood for cool bachelor pad bathrooms

bachelor pad ideas stone and wood bathroom

Stone and wood: nature’s two greatest offerings to the material design world! Combine them to echo the natural environment they come from to create an effortless luxury which always looks interesting and classy in a bachelor pad.

DIY bachelor decorating in industrial style open space

bachelor pad industrial interior design open spaces

Futuristic design is on the rise, always, making use of contemporary furniture and ornaments. The geometric shelf combined with unique walls and metal tones give this room a real wow factor. Modernism is minimalism and industrial styled spaces don’t have look cold and metallic. Lush beds, bedding and mats help add soft textures and coziness.

Clean, crisp kitchen for the modern bachelor style apartment

bachelor pad kitchen design ideas

Kitchens are packed full of shiny surfaces. Clean, crisp materials like laminate wood reflect light to expand your kitchen. Material reflections always help create a brightness which makes your kitchen breathe as a room.

Leather and darker tones for masculine living rooms

bachelor pad ideas leather couch

Darker tones tend to feel warmer and are an intrinsic tool in designing rooms which have a relaxed comfort suited to day and night. Leather is certainly luxurious, combine that with dark wood furniture and cream walls for a sumptuous luxury that suits any bachelor pad.

Use open and bright spaces for small bachelor pad apartmentsbachelor pad open bright design ideas

Bachelor pads and apartments tend to have open designs with free-flowing floor plans. Brightening them up with subtle colours and upholstery is a good idea to pull their different sections together. You don’t want everything to look the same throughout an open space, so mix and match ornaments with furniture and practical shelving.

Living in the kitchen: the cool bachelor pad

bachelor pad ideas kitchen and living room

The open plan kitchen-living area is extremely popular as a bachelor pad format and for good reason. You can keep the TV on whilst you cook, pour drinks for guests without leaving the room and generally not have to go far for anything you need!

Every bachelor decor idea includes the classic bar cabinet

bachelor pad classic bar cabinet ideas

Most bachelor pads will need a drinks cupboard! Give it a classic feeling with a wooden cabinet and accompanying artwork like in this image.

A cool idea for small bachelor apartments: Combine storage with an entertainment centre

bachelor pad combined storage entertainment system interior design

Lots of DVDs and books? You can display them stylishly like this, combining storage with entertainment for a modern bachelor apartment with lots of energy and class. Coloured accents add a fun, energising element that is fit for all four seasons.

Best colours for a bachelor house? Be bold!

bachelor pad blue walls interior design

Be bold with colours if you want to! Don’t be afraid, as colourful walls like this can look stunning whilst retaining a modern and mature edge. Bold art deco lamps add a uniqueness to the room and the big soft sofas add a relaxing comfort.

Bachelor pad furniture ideal for small apartments

bachelor pad interior decorating capsule wardrobe

Open wardrobes with compartmental storage options look cool and are very effective space-saving options. This one adds a modern-come-classic feel to the bachelor bedroom.


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