15 Great Small Patio Design Ideas

If you live in a small apartment then you know that any additional space is precious. This is especially true if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area.

For a balcony, enclosed terrace or garden space check out our small patio designs. You’ll love these great ideas for maximising your small home. You don’t need to have a big budget, see how easy it is to create the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining!

Designing small patios

small balcony design ideas
This tiny balcony is so cute and cosy! Modern with a glass fitting and white tiled flooring, it’s quite small. But see the addition of just a few tall, plants. Go for greenery which grow upwards, as they don’t take up too much width. There might only be enough space for two comfy chairs but the soft, patterned rug on the hard flooring invites you to kick your shoes off and relax!


small patio ideas with mirror
If you have a small enclosed space then why not go for a large mirror? Using mirrors to create the illusion of extra space is a classic decorating trick. Large wall mirrors are great because they come in different sizes to suit any space. Don’t worry if you don’t have a supportive wall structure, just rest them on the floor and prop up against the wall. This small patio uses a brilliantly oversized mirror to add more depth. And with a wonderful frame you can create a feature wall which also serves as the focal point of this small space.


small patio design tiled floor
Enclosed terraces are great as they add extra living space for entertaining, regardless of the weather. If you have a small patio which doesn’t get much light then maybe consider lifting the mood by using white or light coloured furniture only. If you keep everything simple and minimal then you can build up the design by using patterned floor tiles. Patterned flooring creates a great feature in any room. You also don’t need to worry about anymore decorating. See here, they’ve kept the walls bare!


small outdoor balcony ideas
Another beautiful inner-city balcony! Again, there’s only enough room for two chairs but there are some great small patio ideas here. Plants are stacked on a small tiered stand and if you’re lucky enough to have something to hang things off, then you’ve found yourself even more space! And for an additional space-creating technique then try going for furniture that isn’t completely solid, like this wire-framed chair. Rugs for balconies are a definite must-have as they add texture and comfort on hard flooring.

Small patio furniture

small patio furniture
Small patio furniture is growing in popularity as many modern apartments and homes are quite compact. Functional and beautiful, you can find some great multi-purpose pieces. This small patio bench has a deep roll-out storage trunk under the seat. Folding chairs and tables are also very common small patio furniture items. They’re easy to clean and also so easy to pack away when you need more standing space for entertaining.


small balcony ideas with mini couch

This snug balcony combines a few different small patio ideas. Floor space is completely limited so hanging space for plants and accessories are the only option. Lighting is very important for small spaces as it creates the feeling of more space. Ingeniously, this loveseat is actually just a storage trunk but covered in layers of soft furnishings! All these elements can be thrown together when considering the small patio designs.


small patio furniture plant ladder
If finding floor space is a challenge then don’t forget to work upwards! Horizontal space is often ignored but can be very useful when deciding on your small patio design ideas. Ladders are a great addition to any small inner-city or HDB apartment. You can stack your plants and design accessories, which is a great way of having everything on display, without losing any space.


small patio furniture wooden hanging frames

A great tip to remember when considering small patio furniture ideas is multi-functional decoration. This tiny space makes great use of hanging old frames and wooden boxes. This works as both decoration and storage, which is a brilliant design technique.


small patio furniture round couch
Here, this tiny balcony utilises same coloured wooden flooring and wall decking.This create the illusion of more space and makes the outside area feel larger. A technique like this for the walls is very handy because then you can utilise the hanging space right up to the ceiling. There’s room for two simple chairs but instead they’ve chosen one oversized snuggle seat. Loads of soft cushions in the same unifying colour creates an inviting focal point. Altogether, it’s a great idea that you can incorporate into your small patio design.


Patio decorating ideas on a budget

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and buy expensive furniture to have a great small patio design. There are lots of quick wins to achieving the perfect space, check out these tips.

small patio designs lighting ideas
Lighting makes a huge difference to any room. A key feature in interior design, lighting creates more space. For outdoor spaces lighting only has an impact at night, unless you have a balcony or small patio area which is quite dark. Small fairy lights like these are a cheap but highly effective way of adding decorative style to any space.


small patio designs foldout table
A folding is a great way of using space functionally. It requires a permanent fixture however, but this unique table idea doesn’t. It simply secures to the railing and is sturdy enough to eat a meal on! A great idea for a tiny balcony or small patio which can be used and removed any time.


small patio design ideas exotic furniture
A lovely clash of warm, earthy colours and vibrant green plants make it so easy to achieve a winning small patio design on a budget. Any wall feature can be used instead of a wooden decorative piece. You can even try a large standing mirror. This cute coffee table of polished metal and wood fits nicely into the space and can be picked up from any furniture or design store.

Small patio garden ideas

small patio garden design ideas
Check out this cosy small patio garden idea. If you’re lucky to have an outdoor space fill it with plants and lights. This is such a perfect combination to fill any area with a sense of comfort and relaxation. A few slim chairs in basic white on a couple of decorative floor tiles look neat and add style to this compact area.


small patio garden bamboo screen
Many city apartments don’t have huge balconies or enclosed terraces but you can add a mini zen space to your small patio garden. Tall bamboo also provides privacy and is a great alternative to adding screens, which block out light. Dangle some tiny lights around to add some brightness and a warm glow.


small patio garden ideas vertical plant wall
Palette furniture or wall decking is a great decorating solution for small budgets. The wooden texture provides a rustic feel against the plain white wall. Green leafy plants cascading down creates a ‘living wall’ feel, adding a touch of nature into a high rise city apartment. An unusual way of creating a small patio garden!

Find unique and stylish small patio furniture

If you’re looking to style out your small patio then check out our iDoo interior design partners. There are lots of unique pieces as featured here, which you can pick up online.

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